The Committee



In Jack’s mind, a committee gathered to decide his best course of action.

Scotch: “It should be obvious that scotch is the way to go. Refined men drink scotch with money to spend.”

Beer: “Except Jack is neither refined nor rich. Just go with the Bud Light. Quantity beats quality tonight!”

Rum: “More like pissing away the night. Rum is clearly superior with coke. Oh crap, someone stole the coke!”

Vodka: **hides the coke**. “Mixers are for the weak. Real men take Vodka straight.”

White Russian: “The dude isn’t Russian enough. Go with the Caucasian mannn…”

Absinthe: “…”

Tequila: “He doesn’t have a death sentence yet. Let miss Tequila cheer you up 🙂 ”

Jäger: “Did I hear Tequila? Wait for my boys! Shit, we’re out of Redbull.”

Long Island: “How about some iced tea, hmmm, hmmm, hmmmmmmm”

Wine: “He’s not falling for that again. Just buy some red wine and leave.”

Gin: “Agreed, and pick up some aged gin along the way.”

Martini: “Yuck”

After much ado, the committee still couldn’t reach a decision. Jack got a glass of water and left with a headache.


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