The Prank



Harry cried “But I’ll be so borrrred!!!” as his mother shook her head.

“Now now, this is punishment for losing your phone after making all those prank-calls. Go outside and play instead.”

With a sullen expression, Harry opened the front door and stepped onto the porch. Out of the corner of his eyes, a pickup truck turned the corner and pulled up along the driveway. A horrible stench followed as barrels of cow manure lined the tailgate. A window then rolled down and a redneck driver hollered “Hey boy! I’m a-lookin’ fowr ‘Jackass Hill’. Know where that there is? ”

Harry, realizing that he may have been found out, gave off the most nonchalant shrug that he could pass and said that he never heard of it. The redneck scowled, picked up his phone, and drove off.

The next morning, Harry found a nasty surprise by the front porch. A note attached read “Done called thay numbuurr agayn ayn’ someone done told me ta ship it here. Wished y’all ayy awful happy birthday too.”

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