The Acorn Harvest



Bee, the squirrel had discovered the stash of a life-time. Acorns upon acorns, piled a mountain high, shimmered like gold under the sun. Bee immediately set out to secure his massive find. Digging several pits, he sought to cache away as many as could for future use. However, this would clearly fall short as most would go to waste in the coming winter. Instead, he would need recruits whom he could trust to share in secret.  Thus, an idea came to mind. He would ask strangers, friends, and family alike if they would lend him a third of their harvest. Most were reluctant to concede such a large portion. Some were even downright hostile to the question. But to the exceptional few who agreed, he revealed the secret location of the stash. By winter’s time, the mountain of acorns had been harvested and Bee had gained a new inner circle of friends.


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