Visions of Gaia


In a cavern deep below the Earth’s crust, the seven seas flowed as one river and out as one ocean. A colossal tree sat at the river’s mouth whose immense roots channeled the raging currents up its trunk and to branches that touched every continent.  Within the world-tree, the mother of creation wept. She could no longer cleanse the pollution that her progeny had wrought in their quest for progress. Fearing that the damage would be irreversible, she cut open one of the tree’s arteries and mixed the water with several tear drops. Those who breathed the air above saw her vision.


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  1. Very well written. You get the sense of pain she feels and the need to bring the problem to peoples attention. She takes desperate measures in hopes of some seeing the vision she sees. We just hope enough see it to make the necessary changes.

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