Prophet of the Mount


A prophet stood on a high-rise in Times Square, shouting into the crowd below.

“Doom cometh to New York! The tides will rise. The sky will fall. The land will shatter. Leave and you shall be spared! Stay and suffer the Lord’s wrath! God wills it!”

The pedestrians booed him. The week had already brought in enough crazies from Santa exercising in a speedo (he’s losing weight), male prostitutes in Spiderman gear webbing female passerby’s, to Weed Man and Beer Man teaming up their panhandling operations.  Doomsday prophet guy was just another addition to the already bloated cast.

However, there were other signs. The cat on the “Cat on head guy” finally jumped off its owner’s head, presumably heading for higher ground. The mutant ninja turtle brothers changed their residences to Chicago. Iron man even went on vacation.

So when the sea did flood over the walls, tornados rained down from the heavens, and Hades spilt forth from down-under, the people at last panicked and fled.  A year after the ordeal, “The Day after Tomorrow” came out. The director thought it was a success. The Men in Black knew better.

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