The Raft


Entry to this week’s Friday Fictioners! Image courtesy of Erin Leary

Tarry stared long and hard at the bridge she burnt. Regret turned every possibility into splinters of the mind, intrusions of a path that could no longer be traversed. The man she loved abandoned her long ago but the scars had never healed. Now she inhabited only an island, surrounded by broken piers that led somewhere but nowhere.  Yet, all hope was not lost. The spring tides would bring her some more wood to try again. This time, she’ll abandon self-pity and wrath. This time, she’ll build a raft. No puddle of water will stop her now!

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    • Thanks. I was trying to think of reasons why people burn their bridges or forsake their connections and the consequences that entail. In the end however, one may lose him/herself, metaphorically drifting on a “final” bridge with the self that shouldn’t be burnt.

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