Sands of Karma


Entry to this week’s Friday Fictioners! Photo courtesy of Sandra Cook.

Thanatos detached the hourglass. “Pity Eros, this soul built a monumental castle early in life… Nearly pierced the heavens and broke the glass!”

Eros paused to recollect. “Aye, but he assembled too hastily. The shaky foundations undid him midlife and the whole tower collapsed. Despair nigh shed his remaining blood.”

“That would liquefy the sand beneath. Did you intervene?”

“I showed him another life…”

“Quite dangerous. Disclosing past lives create feedback loops. Containment may shatter.”

“No, I showed one future if we mixed his sand with the others; he filled in the blanks.”

“Ah. That explains the tinge of red.”


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  1. Love this dialogue from the foothills of Mount Olympus. Of course the ancient Greeks knew all about feedback loops – ahead of their time, they were. I had to check Thanatos out on wiki. He certainly didn’t come from the best of families.

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    • Indeed. There’s much truth to the myths of old which is lost to modern man. Granted, post-enlightenment era has produced many interesting and useful artifacts as a result for man’s disregard of such traditions. However, he also inherits a different burden from being without a guide or living the myth.


    • Yep. They are duals like two sides of the same coin so they understand each other quite easily. The nonchalant attitude was partly my doing as I had originally envisioned them “scientists” playing with life in some techno-dystopia.

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