The Mourning


Entry to this week’s FFfAW

The guitar chose Selene. Its voice, she’s heard long before she could see. Its songs taught her another way to speak. A prodigy the world called her since the age of three. They performed everywhere, circuses and concert halls alike; their duets produced music of the divines. But on one fateful day, center stage in front of a packed house, she simply stopped and walked away. Those close to her heard the early signs.

“She’s fighting him.”
“Can she keep pace?”
“Who’s playing whom?”

That night, she threw the guitar into a furnace, and turned voice to char. Years followed as she wandered city to city in silence. Some thought her mad. Others thought the guitar possessed her. The truth only she knew.  Her muse had died. A past life awaited her return.

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  1. ” Her muse had died.” The guitar was burnt but that last line makes me think: ” A past life awaited her return.” I’m not quite sure what it means but it definitely hooked me.

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    • Her previous life was incomplete as her loved one still hung on / mourned her. Originally, I imagined her living a life in either dream/comma with someone from the outside who tried to wake her via music as a reminder. When the music/muse stopped, she would be reminded of what was once lost and wake up.

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