The Last Act


Entry to this week’s Crimson’s Creative Challenge!

For his final trick, Houdini wanted to escape from the bowels of an active volcano, handcuffed in a coffin, placed underwater of course with no extra oxygen, and surrounded by sleeping sharks. Confident of the odds, he announced the time / date of the feat and invited the press to film him live. The fateful day approached and right on cue as if from a Hollywood scene, a spectacular chain of events unrolled as planned. Houdini picks the lock on his handcuffs. The underwater volcano explodes, breaking open the casket. The sleeping sharks wake up and scramble in all directions. Houdini latches onto one and makes a rapid beeline towards the light above. Crashing through the surface, the public erupts with huge cheers, accolades, and congratulations. Houdini however was disconsolate for he knew the truth. He had lost his best friend, brother, and twin.

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