Charon 4.

ferris wheel morey's piers.jpg

Morey’s Piers, New Jersey. Entry to this week’s WPS!

Case 7093:

Meridian: A beacon appears on the horizon after a long dry spell. My supplies are running low and my compass desynchronized. I need to re-link with the collective, above and below.

Azimuth: The beacon looms overhead and I enter its orbit. Cycling between hot-to-cold to hot, the center pulsates with a code that I must decipher. Its shards keep me at a distance from the access point.

Zenith: I hear the sonorous commands of my station. His voice booms with my coordinates and the next destination. I split one half to follow.

Nadir: I hear a faint whisper which I’ve known long ago. Her voice is still a riddle but now with a twinge of the mercurial. I lead one half in pursuit.

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  1. Very interesting take, using the ferris wheel as a metaphor for space coordinates. I can’t quite tell what’s going on in the story, but the idea of a tense life-or-death mission and then a desperate chase comes across.

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    • Yep, Charon is presented as a series snapshots of an inner journey / dream-like stream of consciousness so it’s understandable why it’s hard to follow. In the language of Jungian archetypes however, the elements do have symbolic significance. The wheel is a mediator between collective conscious/unconscious, the male voice the persona, the female voice the anima, Charon the ego.

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  2. This line: “her voice is still a riddle” is so intriguing. Is it because it’s disembodied? Or because it reminds him of someone? Or is it because they are all dreaming of each other? I love that you let us determine the setting and timeframe for ourselves.

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    • In the interior life, the voice is the anima or the soul / divine feminine within the man who is a guide to both the personal and collective unconscious. In the context of the Charon who traverses dreamscapes, the voices belong to the anima of different dreamers of which the divine feminine speaks through but are also at different points of differentiation depending on the amalgamation of the dreamer’s personal experiences with woman.


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