Eulogy for an Optimist


Entry to this week’s Foto Flash!

Charlie always had a knack for finding the silver-lining. When we were stranded on a boat several miles off port with a flooded engine, he discovered that we could catch fish using our keychain and lanyard. During lean times on tour through Iraq, he learned Arabic and befriended the locals so that we could barter for food and supplies. After missing a connecting flight on a layover, we instead converted the final leg into mini road-trip for sight-seeing.

I learned that Charlie developed terminal throat cancer a decade ago and was personally devastated. I was going to lose my best friend but he seemed to take the whole ordeal in strides. As the illness spread until he could no longer speak, he started writing more and more until well… he published that goddamn New York Times best seller! I missed Charlie after his passing but if his life taught me anything, it’s that every moment bears new opportunities, new potentialities. It was after all, how I met you, my loving wife.

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