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No Cage


Entry to this week’s Friday Fictioners! Image courtesy of Sean Fallon.

“Tis a waste”, Abaddon exclaimed.  “So much potential, only to be bottled up and cast into the depths. It rotted him from within.”

“Indeed, avarice turned him foul and his demeanor acidic. A miser he fell with the passage of time, the enemy that could not be preserved.”

“A gilded cage would not staunch such decay.  Did he take his wealth to his grave?”

“No, a change of heart transpired by death’s door. He gave his majority to the orphanage.”

“Ah, so he realized but moments late. A saint he would have been. No soul can be caged.”


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Image owned by labutle at https://www.flickr.com/photos/lbutler/

Image owned by labutle at https://www.flickr.com/photos/lbutler/

Awoken from my inebriated stupor, today marks day 0 when the time-palindrome was set in motion. Although I’ve succeeded in gaining immortality, the conditions of my “victory” were not of my choosing. You see, the year is 2015 and has perpetually stayed 2015 over the last one hundred years. New years 2016 has never happened for upon the strike of midnight, the arrow-of-time is reversed and the days are undone until new years 2015, day 0 as I put it. Although lucid during this reversal, I no longer retain my agency as I am reduced to a mere observer of perceptions. A cruel joke indeed for any progress unravels itself in front of waking eyes within a year’s time. Such is my immortality in a gilded-cage, drifting along ebbs and flows of unceasing tides.