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Aion 1.


Entry to this week’s Crimson’s Creative Challenge!

Priory: The priestess gathered her acolytes at the dining table. Tonight, they will make a sacrifice to the moon goddess so that she will hide their passage west. A calf was brought to the pedestal and a sharp blade drawn. Two slashes later, blood stained the walls. The calf was still alive.

Bastion: The revolutionary huddled with his conspirators in a dark corner. At midnight, they will raid the armory for explosives and set them over the palace’s supports. One who had second thoughts fidgeted with a pistol in his coat pocket. A loud bang went off, commotion reverberated the walls. The lantern had fell.

Museum: The activist raised his microphone atop the podium. After dawn, they will parade across the finance district with artifacts stolen from their homeland. Riot police looked uneasy as they gripped their batons. A building alarm blared; sirens flooded the street. The uptown heist began.

Mixed Signals


Entry to this week’s Crimson’s Creative Challenge!

“The record stands 11 to 10” chirped Kris as he tied off his skip to the wharf. The last race had gone exceptionally well given the headwinds in the last hour.

“You got lucky this time! If it wasn’t for that alligator that started tailgating my boat” yelled Wheaton who was still sweating from the near life-death experience.

“Tailgating both of us. I recall being neck and neck when that log started drifting on its own. You made the first move to break away before it pounced”

“Bah, how was I supposed to know gators like moving prey. Don’t they prefer to sneak up on their food?”

Kris gave a slight grin as he took a gander around Wheaton’s craft. “Maybe it wasn’t looking for food. That engine of yours makes a pretty deep rumble.”