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Cluck Road


Entry to this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction!

Cat: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Chicken: Oh here we go again. Ramblings of a drunk armchair philosopher. Existentialist I take it?

Cat: No really, there’s a legitimate line of inquiry here.

Chicken: Fine fine, entertain me.

Cat: So there’s a chicken living in the heart of New York City near Times square on-top a trendy rooftop farm. By the new Cluck Laws, chickens can enter into a living contract with a farmstead where they get free feed, a roof, and heating during the winter. There’s even entertainment such as TV/internet plus a job with a great health-insurance policy to boot.

Chicken: That sounds too good to be true… What’s the catch?

Cat: Well there’s an expiration date. After some time, the homestead moves you to a retirement home, puts you to sleep, and … off you go to cluck paradise.

Chicken: Holy catnip!! Execution is illegal here. And what happens to the body afterwards?

Cat: They feed it to humans… but you’ll be in paradise remember. The exact dates are all spelled out so there aren’t surprises.

Chicken: I don’t want to know when I die! What of my children if I have any?

Cat: They’ll be given the same contracts.

Chicken: And the alternative?…

Cat: Well, there’s always the road.