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Perils 6.


bottomless pit

A blind seer cast rock and stone into a bottomless well. The sounds of slab breaking against the walls drew echoes that painted him a picture. Whispering a dire prophecy to the King, the seer then retreated into the cave. The next day, the King’s men returned with malevolent footsteps. Charging the seer with speaking untruths, they arrested and imprisoned him. During the interrogation, the seer told his account. “I heard the sound of movements amid tumbling rocks. Someone was hiding in the depths awaiting his majesty”. The interrogator smirked and cut out the fool’s tongue.

Perils 3.



A final bridge separates Alexander and his army from their homes in Babylon. His men, pining for comfort and familiarity after years of brutal conquests, rush the bridge en mass. The suspensions, unable to sustain the stress of so great a weight, snaps and the crossing collapses. Half the men drowned in the raging river below. The other half spent another month retrieving the bodies, lamenting their haste.

Perils 1.



An ambitious mountain climber, having scaled over numerous ridges in his lifetime, reaches the summit of a great mountain. To his dismay, he spots another flag planted atop its peak, mocking his premature victory. Jealously and anger erupt as he violently strips the flag from its base to replace it with his own. The precipice gives way and he’s swept down the mountain side with the ensuing avalanche.