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Different Tastes



Toad and Frog once met at a local pub by the brewery ducts. Toad, being a regular to the local marshes had sampled every wine and beer the establishment had to offer. Set in his ways, he knew exactly what he liked for any mood and occasion.  Frog on the other was a dabbler who traveled far-and-wide, never sleeping under the same drainpipe twice. Mercurial was his temperament for he sampled with sips, never finishing one drink before the next. Eyed from afar, Toad approached Frog and asked why he drank, even offering to pay. Frog responded that he sought the world’s finest drink wherever it may lay. With a chuckle, Toad remarked that such a drink doesn’t exist. Frog disagreed and the two parted soon afterwards. Years later, the two found themselves on the same autopsy table. Toad suffered a lifetime of ammonia poisoning. Frog from a bloated liver.

Entry to Crimson’s Creative challenge

The Committee



In Jack’s mind, a committee gathered to decide his best course of action.

Scotch: “It should be obvious that scotch is the way to go. Refined men drink scotch with money to spend.”

Beer: “Except Jack is neither refined nor rich. Just go with the Bud Light. Quantity beats quality tonight!”

Rum: “More like pissing away the night. Rum is clearly superior with coke. Oh crap, someone stole the coke!”

Vodka: **hides the coke**. “Mixers are for the weak. Real men take Vodka straight.”

White Russian: “The dude isn’t Russian enough. Go with the Caucasian mannn…”

Absinthe: “…”

Tequila: “He doesn’t have a death sentence yet. Let miss Tequila cheer you up 🙂 ”

Jäger: “Did I hear Tequila? Wait for my boys! Shit, we’re out of Redbull.”

Long Island: “How about some iced tea, hmmm, hmmm, hmmmmmmm”

Wine: “He’s not falling for that again. Just buy some red wine and leave.”

Gin: “Agreed, and pick up some aged gin along the way.”

Martini: “Yuck”

After much ado, the committee still couldn’t reach a decision. Jack got a glass of water and left with a headache.