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The Contract

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Entry to this week’s Sunday Photo Fictioner!

Lancelot repeatedly dove headfirst from the church steeple onto the stony road below. However, neither ground nor body gave way, denying his soul passage to the after-life.

“Mephistopheles!” he rages. “Show yourself!”

Mephistopheles materializes over the unbroken road. “Ah, it’s good to see you too Sir Lancelot. I hope your time on Earth is well-spent? chuckle”

“We had a done deal! A millennium of servitude for a life of immortality. What’s the meaning of this?”

“It seems our terms are still in effect. I’ve already granted your immortality; are the conditions not up to your satisfaction?”

“You devil! Suspending the passage of time was not part of the arrangement. Nothing I do now matters.”

“Oh!… Mattering was never part of the arrangement after the world froze. Your flesh will not decay. Your bones will never break. You need not even breathe for the air does not move. Death becomes no subject to you and you no subject to the world. Ingenious no?”

“God dammit! Is it too late to revise our agreement?”

“My apologies but only God’s grace can sever a contract as this. After-all, you proposed the initial terms. HE filled in the missing details.”


Image owned by labutle at https://www.flickr.com/photos/lbutler/

Image owned by labutle at https://www.flickr.com/photos/lbutler/

Awoken from my inebriated stupor, today marks day 0 when the time-palindrome was set in motion. Although I’ve succeeded in gaining immortality, the conditions of my “victory” were not of my choosing. You see, the year is 2015 and has perpetually stayed 2015 over the last one hundred years. New years 2016 has never happened for upon the strike of midnight, the arrow-of-time is reversed and the days are undone until new years 2015, day 0 as I put it. Although lucid during this reversal, I no longer retain my agency as I am reduced to a mere observer of perceptions. A cruel joke indeed for any progress unravels itself in front of waking eyes within a year’s time. Such is my immortality in a gilded-cage, drifting along ebbs and flows of unceasing tides.