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Long Shadow

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Entry to this week’s FFFC!

Dane’s sins cast a long shadow. In public, the press scrutinized his record. Four counts of murder, three counts of rape, two counts of assault, one count of fraud. In private, his conscience was pure rage, having channeled a lifetime of neglect and abuse into a hatred of all things good. The court sentenced him to be hanged but this did not faze him. On his last day, a priest asked if he would repent for his crimes under God. Dane demanded that God repent for the crimes committed against him. Pitying the man, the priest prayed for salvation and left. The guards arrived and led Dane to the execution grounds. Tying the rope around his own neck, he made no remarks and simply leapt. Upon waking up at the gates of hell, the devil doled out his punishment. Dane would be reincarnated as all the lives that he sinned against until he forgave his own crimes.

Sands of Karma


Entry to this week’s Friday Fictioners! Photo courtesy of Sandra Cook.

Thanatos detached the hourglass. “Pity Eros, this soul built a monumental castle early in life… Nearly pierced the heavens and broke the glass!”

Eros paused to recollect. “Aye, but he assembled too hastily. The shaky foundations undid him midlife and the whole tower collapsed. Despair nigh shed his remaining blood.”

“That would liquefy the sand beneath. Did you intervene?”

“I showed him another life…”

“Quite dangerous. Disclosing past lives create feedback loops. Containment may shatter.”

“No, I showed one future if we mixed his sand with the others; he filled in the blanks.”

“Ah. That explains the tinge of red.”


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The Prank



Harry cried “But I’ll be so borrrred!!!” as his mother shook her head.

“Now now, this is punishment for losing your phone after making all those prank-calls. Go outside and play instead.”

With a sullen expression, Harry opened the front door and stepped onto the porch. Out of the corner of his eyes, a pickup truck turned the corner and pulled up along the driveway. A horrible stench followed as barrels of cow manure lined the tailgate. A window then rolled down and a redneck driver hollered “Hey boy! I’m a-lookin’ fowr ‘Jackass Hill’. Know where that there is? ”

Harry, realizing that he may have been found out, gave off the most nonchalant shrug that he could pass and said that he never heard of it. The redneck scowled, picked up his phone, and drove off.

The next morning, Harry found a nasty surprise by the front porch. A note attached read “Done called thay numbuurr agayn ayn’ someone done told me ta ship it here. Wished y’all ayy awful happy birthday too.”

Perils 5.



Squish! The ant hill collapsed as a mischievous boy stomped his foot over the little colony. Adding insult to injury, the boy twisted several times and then spat over the ant hole, sealing the exit and escaped. The ants were not pleased and could do nothing except pray.

Snap! The human city evaporated as a vengeful God flicked its finger at civilization. Adding insult to injury, the God set fire to the land and then raised the sea level, drowning most of population and vanished. Humanity was at a loss and could do nothing except repent.

Perils 2.


Stunning vista of Arizona's unique canyon lands at sunrise.

Water! I’ll give you anything in my land for a sip of water cried the thirsty King who was at his wit’s end. The desert merchant, pitying the king’s predicament, gave him his water pouch free of charge. Heading West, the King encounters a beggar dying of thirst. My King! Spare me a sip of your water and I will guide you out of the desert. Nonsense! Retorted the King. My kingdom is just over the other side of that canyon… Traveling between the high ridges, a flash-flood sweeps through the valley and the King drowns.