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Sunflowers for Sophia

sunflower fence.jpg

Entry to this weeks FFfAW! Image courtesy of Sonya.

Sophia loved sunflowers all her life.
At ten, they brightened up her day when they turned rain to shine.
At seventeen, they gave her confidence when their portrait won an art scholarship.
At twenty five, they brought her love when they hitched a ride with the one.
At thirty, they doubled her joy when their seeds helped give birth to twins.
At forty five, they lent her strength when recovering from cancer.
At sixty, they gave her hope, for a greater bloom awaited each passing year.
Today they blossomed from her ashes, wishing her the best luck in the next life.




Loki was a superstitious man. He always carried a salt packet to toss a pinch over his shoulder and had woven a piece of wood into his belt to knock. Four-leaf clovers trembled beneath his feet. So when Loki forgot his wallet one day, he swore to never make the same mistake again. Breaking a wishbone, he placed the larger half in his wallet. To top it off, he hid a small bell in one of the compartments that would slightly jingle when he moved. On his morning jog the next day, several dogs had found a new best friend.



fortune cookie

Fortune raised her eye-brows when the panhandler wished his benefactors good luck. She wasn’t happy to be tossed around like a floozy among desperate men in need of chump change. “Why should good luck be free to give? Where’s the equality in that?” To change her image, she turned luck into a commodity for exchange on the market. Units would now come in cookies to be bought and sold at the local supermarket. Whether the luck turned good or bad remained speculation but regardless, Fortune became wealthy overnight.

Nine Lives


black cat 1

Nelly, the cat with nine lives, danced circles around Death. He had escaped all sorts of trouble from flying pianos, driver-less cars, lightning strikes, tall trees, quicksand, “friendly” dogs, large soles, curious kids, etc. Confident in his good luck, Nelly went up to the Grim Reaper, purred, and rubbed up against its feet. The Reaper picked him up and sighed. “Another black cat… Could bring bad luck and more paperwork. Lets have you reincarnated soon.”