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One thing at a time


Entry to this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction! 

A student of the Buddha once mediated on a rock by a lake. Day in, day out he would arrive before dawn, rest his feet in the lotus position, and contemplate atop the boulder till dusk.

*I am the rock, the rock is me… I am the rock, the rock is me… he would chant but his concentration would always break at the slightest distraction.

Frustrated, he picked up a nearby pebble and threw it into the waters below.
*ploop the sound it made as the pebble struck the surface and sank to the depths. A long silence then ensued.

The next day, the student arrived atop the boulder and to his surprise discovered the same pebble that he had previously thrown. Understanding the significance, he threw himself into the lake and to survive, suspended himself in a deep meditation. Centuries later after the lake had dried, some archaeologists discovered a statue of the Buddha on site. It was made out of solid rock.

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Siren’s Call



Searing pain jolted the monk awake. This time, he found himself atop a high peak covered in snow and ash. More tired than frustrated, his eyes wanted to rest and sleep but his mind fought against them knowing that another relapse may transport him to worse places. Clenching his teeth, he could still hear the distant trance of the Siren’s lullaby dispersed between the wind’s howls. Such denial of sweet comforts and the easy life appeared maddening but he knew that resistance made the will stronger, less brittle when the world returned after the Siren’s call. His convictions reaffirmed, the monk reset the thunder rod and resumed his meditations.