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Two Fronts


Entry to this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction!

Two fronts by the sea.
From East and West they came.
Calm as a breeze. Light as a tease.
One day they meet.

A tickle at first.
A spark here and there.
But enough to ignite. Drew fate’s sight.
Potential made fright.

Day turned night, and night lit day.
Lightning strikes and thunder quakes.
Till morning comes and blue skies wake.
Two fronts met and left no trace.

A Brief Encounter


Entry to this week’s Friday Fictioneers.

As the world spun around in blissful ignorance, our eyes locked. She sat on one side of the carousel, I on the other. Yet that distance may have been infinite as we moved but didn’t move. How could I forget that moment? Her green eyes sparkled like the lush meadows of a summer’s clearing after a storm. Her red hair danced in the wind, subduing even the tempest that raged around us. That was when the cables broke. She flew North and I few South. Hers was the last face I saw and mine hers. The carousel continued spinning.