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Natural Order



Artemis’s geese shot South at break-neck speeds. They pierced through icy winds and aurora skies, like an arrow aimed at the heavens. Would they strike Scorpio, who hunted Orion amongst the stars? Or would they falter in their mission and lose their mark? Alas, even Artemis could not win against the Gods. One by one, her squadron fell in a blaze that lit up the night sky. Their sacrifice however was not in vain for it signaled the start of the great migration. Such was the natural order of things.

Cycles 1.


river 1

Four rivers became two. Two became one.  The flow took Ariel downstream from her little home by a creek all the way to the great-wide sea.  With her new-found freedom, she traversed the seven oceans, growing strong and worldly. Sometimes she swam with a group through dangerous passages fret with sharks and killer whales. Other times, she swam alone to go places unseen. Hidden caverns, coral reefs, lost cities she adventured. But with each passing spring, a twinge of an eroding memory would flare. It would send her packing towards the coast, looking for the river-mouth whence she came.

One river became two. Two became four… Leira combated the raging currents as the migration upstream commenced. Waterfalls and whirlpools littered their path while great beasts from both land and air hunted them daily. With each passing fork, the numbers appear but a dwindling fraction as the elements turned hostile against the flow. Fortunately, her previous life taught her the skills of survival from finding gullies where the current subsided to navigating the rapids under the cover of night.  By season’s end, she found herself in the old creek near forgotten. Checking that the surroundings safe, she knew her journey was coming to an end but would be the start for her children. Laying a thousand eggs along the creek’s bed, Leira named them Ariel and fell into the eternal sleep.