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Cluck Road


Entry to this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction!

Cat: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Chicken: Oh here we go again. Ramblings of a drunk armchair philosopher. Existentialist I take it?

Cat: No really, there’s a legitimate line of inquiry here.

Chicken: Fine fine, entertain me.

Cat: So there’s a chicken living in the heart of New York City near Times square on-top a trendy rooftop farm. By the new Cluck Laws, chickens can enter into a living contract with a farmstead where they get free feed, a roof, and heating during the winter. There’s even entertainment such as TV/internet plus a job with a great health-insurance policy to boot.

Chicken: That sounds too good to be true… What’s the catch?

Cat: Well there’s an expiration date. After some time, the homestead moves you to a retirement home, puts you to sleep, and … off you go to cluck paradise.

Chicken: Holy catnip!! Execution is illegal here. And what happens to the body afterwards?

Cat: They feed it to humans… but you’ll be in paradise remember. The exact dates are all spelled out so there aren’t surprises.

Chicken: I don’t want to know when I die! What of my children if I have any?

Cat: They’ll be given the same contracts.

Chicken: And the alternative?…

Cat: Well, there’s always the road.

Borrowed Time


Entry to this week’s FFfaW! Image courtesy of Louise with The Story Teller’s Abode! 

Tis a gift to all the unborn,
to dreams and to desire,
to futures that seek to pass.

But can they will it?
Knowing that their journey must end,
and their efforts naught for themselves.

Endure they must this contradiction,
for their time given must be returned in kind,
transformed into innumerable forms realized,
to buttress the chasm from which they came.

And if they succumb to the wasteland?
The profligates and the sloths,
those who dismantle and coast.
What of their fates?

Tragedy, for they hasten the end.
Time wasted, time revoked.