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The Search


Entry to this week’s FFfAW! Image courtesy of S. Writing!

Once there was calf who lost his belle in a vast field of flowers. He searched day and night, traversing the meadows and painting lines into the ground for his love to see. Giant circles he drew; spirals and constellations he wrote along the slopes of the Great Plains with highest of hopes. Yet by month’s end, his belle was still nowhere to be found. Exasperated and now sullen, he lay down and fell into a deep slumber. Spring turned summer turned fall before he woke. Opening his eyes, he saw now only a single patch of flowers jutting out in the distance. Moving closer, he realized it was none other than his beloved whom the flowers cover and the same patch that had concealed him.

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A Farewell to Summer


Image courtesy of buszujacy_w_zbozu

Oh Summer of mirth!
How you passed me by.
You drained the cup.
Savoring in delight.
I caught up with you,
but only to say bye.
Good night, good bye!
Till next year come nigh.

Premonitions of Fall



A chill shot down the spine.
Everyone felt the sign.
Time to fly. Time for byes.
The train would soon arrive.

The troupe spun around and around.
Summer’s wind caressed, but autumn’s wind pressed.
Let one last embrace ease their rustling.
Let it hasten their scattering.

Currents drift, east to west.
The skies shortened, scribbling a draft.
Yellow, orange and black.
Return to ash, rise from ash.