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We used to joke that the boogeyman would hide under the bed and raising havoc in our dreams whenever things were going too well. A little bit of paranoia curbed inflated expectations, derailing our fantastical brain train and so preventing a full-on collision with the mountain that is reality. Of course, the boogeyman’s true quarters weren’t below our old dusty mattresses. Such conditions would’ve insulted his dignity and the role he played. We found him instead at the back of the caboose during one of our nightly excursions into la-la land. Peering through the single slit that had been carved into petrified wood, we saw a young man humming to the tune of Michael Jackson’s Thriller whilst chopping garlic against re-runs of the classic Dracula film. Oh the irony and embarrassment we felt, having been so utterly fooled. The next night on our commute home, an old smelly man entered the train with knife in hand and foaming at the mouth. He took a young woman hostage and demanded that we return his spirit of which we stole. The lights went out and a massive jolt shattered the recollection. We woke to the sound of electric grinders.

Entry to this week’s Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner!

Folly 1.


Shadow Of Woman Holding Footwear While Standing On Beach

A thief once lost his shadow in a crowd. Fearing that someone had taken it, he searched high and low across the mall, even going so far as to call security. When the police came and he told them of his predicament, the officers laughed and pointed to the ground. Puzzled, the thief exclaimed that that was not his shadow as it had the figure of a woman. The officers looked at each other and then arrested the man for identity theft.